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CoyoteLearner STEM Academy's online courses include:

-Integrated curriculum.
-Teacher books with suggestions on how a teacher can use these educational resources.
-Cartoon style funny video clips.
-Other educational games.
-Exercises and Solutions.
-Project style exercises.
-Referrals to other educational sources and videos.
And much more.

It is important to note that the CoyoteLearner STEM Academy's educational resources are constantly being refreshed and improved.





In the CoyoteLearner platform students gain points when they complete a course, lesson or pass a quiz. With these points they climb to higher levels of difficulty. There are seven levels of difficulty available. There are leaderboards, which the students compete with their points. The students may also make friends, post to forums, create groups and create their own avatars for their profile image.

Every student as soon as he or she finishes the course receives certificate of completion


The services offered are:

-Enrolling Students into Classes

-Following their Progress and their Activities using Charts, Graphs and Text

-Setting Up Private Sessions with Students (private coaching)

-Mass Messaging to Students







E-course about Python Programming Language

InPython Course



It is about excellent STEM resources about Python programming language. It contains funny cartoon style video clips, crosswords exercises, game-like exercises, quizzes, presentation files and many more.


The student will also find many activities in robotics since Edison Robot may be programmed by Python.



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E-course about M.I.T Scratch

Programming and Creating Games


This is about a series of video lessons, accompanied by questionnaires, exercises and its soloutions. They are especially enjoyable, filled with humour and a lot of music. The star of the videos is Stevie. A cartoon with a special personality. With his students assistance, Stevie will guide you through the magical world of computer programming by building electronic games using the Scratch application.


Both for parents and Schools


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E-course about Edison Robot Edblocks

Programming My Robot!


Jason is a robot specialist. He is also a cartoon with interesting personality. Through a series of many lessons with videos, activities and quizzes, students are guided to control Edison robot. Designed for kids aged 8+ years old.


Both for parents and Schools (School Edition)




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