About us

CoyoteLearner is a company that is engaged in the production of high-quality educational resources in various forms and especially in the form of video. It is addressed both to parents, in order to obtain these resources for their children, as well as to all types of educational institutions and entities that can distribute these resources to their students.

Our mission is to provide to Schools, teachers, and students of high quality and fun educational resources to help them achieve important educational goals in Computer Science and S.T.E.M Education.

The production of educational resources has been made by the CoyoteLearner team. The CoyoteLearner team is made up of people with a particular love for children, education, and new technologies, with significant and multiannual experience both in education at all levels and in the management of educational programs.

The special feature of the educational resources distributed by CoyoteLearner is the incorporation of cartoons and animations. In this way, an excellent result is achieved that is absolutely oriented to the needs and demands of the students to whom it is addressed, making the learning process very pleasant.

CoyoteLearner’s educational resources are available through its educational platform www.coyotelearner.co . CoyoteLearner’s educational platform uses modern, and user-friendly technologies.