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The Game – Presentation of Details

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This course will present the step-by-step process of creating the online game called "Banana Hunt".

The software to be used is scratch.

If you are anxious, it will be hard to let it go. Believe me, you will succeed and at the same time you will have fun!

Stevie will be your trainer throughout this process.

But he will often lend his voice to special scientists who will analyze for you, some important details of the game-making process.

The first lesson is divided into 2 parts.

In the first part you will hear Stevie present you the game you will create by analyzing its components.

The second part involves more action. You will create the first character and program its behavior.

Are you looking forward?

Let's start!


Good evening!

It's time to finally create your first game.

You will not have difficulty doing it

Follow precisely the steps I will tell you and everything will go well!

First, watch a few seconds from the game we're about to make.

The game is called "Banana Hunt".

The reason the game is called so is obvious and you will understand it immediately!

Video please! (Finger clapping)

Soon you will make this game and challenge your friends to surpass your personal record

First let's clarify some basic elements of the game.

All games have a purpose.

The purpose of "Banana hunt" is to collect as many bananas as possible.

The monkey collects bananas while trying to avoid the terrible lions hunting to eat it!

The latter determines the only rule of the game.

The hero of the game is allowed to move in any way on the game screen but can’t touch the lions.

If that happens the game is over.

The main character of the game is the monkey.

The monkey moves along the length and width of the screen - by following the mouse pointer!

There are three other main characters - the lions, and they are the opponent.

They also move across the screen. They move in a different way and at different speeds from one another.

Another object of our game is bananas. Bananas appear randomly on the screen of the game.

Every time the monkey touches a bunch of bananas, the score rises by 1.

The game is played exclusively with the mouse or touchpad if you have a portable computer.

All scratch programs are made by joining colored bricks or blocks like the pieces of a puzzle.

Each brick is a command that tells an object what to do.

The 5 different objects contained in our game each have their own script.

Script is the set of commands - and blocks - that we programmers use, in order to achieve the performance we want on each object.

To be clearer, it would be better to say that a scenario is a pile of blocks (and commands) in an object.

It is also important to mention that an object can have more piled blocks and more scenarios.

All scenarios together determine the behavior of this object in the game.