HTML formats and Styles

HTML Practice Exercise


Create an HTML document that includes the following elements. Use appropriate attributes to achieve the specified effects.

  1. Link to a Website:
    • Create a link to the website ““.
    • Set the link to open in a new tab.
    • Add a title to the link that says “Visit Example Website”.
  2. Display an Image:
  3. Formatted Text:
    • Write a paragraph that says “This is a special text with emphasis”.
    • Use appropriate tags to emphasize the word “special” in the paragraph.
  4. Styled Heading:
    • Create an <h3> heading that says “CSS Basics”.
    • Apply a style to the heading to make the text color green.
  5. Strong Text within a Link:
    • Write a sentence that says “Check our latest updates”.
    • Make the word “latest” strong.
    • Link the entire sentence to an email address ““.

Sample Solution of the Exercise(Do not open if you haven’t tried it yourself)