HTML Headers & Paragraphs

Exercise: HTML Structure and Elements

Objective: Create a basic HTML document, incorporating headers, paragraphs, a title, links, and images.


  1. Open a Text Editor: Open your preferred text editor (e.g., Visual Studio Code).
  2. Create the HTML Structure:
    • Begin with the HTML document structure as we have discussed.
  3. Add a Header:
    • Inside the <body> tag, add an <h1> header with a title for your webpage.
  4. Insert Paragraphs:
    • Below the header, add two paragraphs (<p>) with some content. Make one paragraph about your favorite hobby and the other about your favorite food.
  5. Include a Link:
    • Add an anchor (<a>) tag with an href attribute linking to a website of your choice. The link text should describe the website.
  6. Insert an Image:
    • Find an image online or use one from your computer. Add an <img> tag with the src attribute pointing to the image file. Include an alt attribute with a brief description.
  7. Add Subheaders:
    • Insert two subheaders (<h2> or <h3>) after the paragraphs. These could be related to the content you’ve written.
  8. Conclusion:
    • Write a concluding paragraph summarizing the content of your webpage.
  9. Testing:
  10. Save your HTML file with an .html extension.
  11. Open it in a web browser to view your webpage.