HTML Forms

Practice Now!

Below, you will find a form with various elements and properties. Experiment! Change values in the properties and make modifications!


Exercise: Create a Basic Contact Form


  1. Create an HTML file named contact_form.html.
  2. Design a basic contact form with the following fields:
    • Full Name (text input)
    • Email Address (text input)
    • Message (textarea)
    • Submit Button
  3. Use appropriate attributes such as type, name, and placeholder.
  4. Ensure the form has the necessary structure with the <form> element and the required input elements.
  5. Add a brief label for each form field to enhance user understanding.
  6. Test your form by entering sample data.
  7. Save your HTML file and share it with your instructor or peers.

Here is a sample solution. Do not open if you haven’t tried to solve it yourself first!