Practice Center – Module 5

Exercises to Practice (Module 5)

turtle programming
Exercise 1

Use the turtle module to draw a square (side 120px) with a different color on each side.

Exercise 2

Use the turtle module to create a 350 X 350 window with a green background color. Then use the Python turtle to draw an outline (line size 4) around at the window's border as you see in the image below.


Exercise 3

Write a Python program which accepts the number of students, the number of boys and the number of girls in a particular class. Then, calculate and print the percentage of boys and girls in the same class, on the screen.

Exercise 4

Considering that each month has 30 days, write a python program that accepts years and returns the corresponding days.

Exercise 5

CoyoteLearner STEM Academy use banknotes of $ 50, $ 20, $ 5 and $ 1 to pay its employees. Write a Python program that accepts an employ's payroll amount and prints out how many banknotes are required for each category.

Exercise 6

Under new tax legislation, all businesses are subject to a 23% tax on annual revenue. Develop a Python program that accepts a company's annual revenue and costs and prints the net profit and the tax amount.

Exercise 7

An employee's wage is $ 35 a day, which is charged with 11% for health insurance and 8.5% for a tax. Develop a python program that accepts an employee's name and the days of employment and prints out his/her net earnings.