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Let’s follow a line

Let’s follow a line

Video Transcript

Hello guys!

In this lesson, we will make Edison follow a black line. But this time, we will do it by writing our program!

Do you remember Edison’s line tracking sensor?

It is the sensor with which Edison “understands” whether it is above a dark or a light surface.

So we can make a program that uses this sensor and tells Edison to move on a black line.

To write our program we will use EdBlocks. Let’s find the EdBlocks app.

On our computer, we type www.edblocksapp.com in a browser.

Another way is to look for the word Edblocksapp on a search engine machine.

Using Edblocks, we will write our program so that Edison can travel along a black line.

So we choose the block, from the “drive” category, with which Edison follows the black line for a set amount of time.


Of course, we can change the amount of time that Edison follows the line, but let’s start with 10 seconds.

We can also change the speed that Edison drives. To do this, we will add another block: the speed control block.

We can change the speed from slow... to normal... to fast...

Very well! We wrote a program with which Edison follows a black line... for a certain amount of time ... and at a certain speed.

Now, we have to create a track with a black line for Edison to travel along.

We can use a large piece of paper and black paint, marker or tape to create the track.

So the track is ready! What is missing is to download the program to Edison and run it by pressing the play button.

Hmm... We notice that Edison did not run the entire track...

At the point where the lines were close to each other... he got confused.

Let’s just reduce the speed a little bit...

let’s try the normal speed.

We notice that Edison follows the black line across the track normally!

Now, let’s reduce the amount of time that Edison follows the line:

let’s put 5 seconds. We can see that Edison doesn’t finish the whole track.

You can also change the speed of Edison and the amount of time he travels along the line to make your robot finish your track.