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Design Elements of an Electronic Game

Design Elements of an Electronic Game


Video – Design Elements

Video – Secrets for Creating Electronic Games

Video Transcript


In the following section we will focus on "Secrets for creating a successful game".

Watch Stevie in a very interesting presentation.

Do not forget that you must, whenever you feel is necessary, freeze the screen to read more carefully the relevant texts.

Have fun!

In this lesson, we will show you some secrets about the creation of an electronic game.

I think I should jump into the screen so I can present all the information properly.


Assign a mission to your hero. Tell a story that describes this mission.

By doing this you will be able to give a meaning to the actions of your hero but also to the player who controls him.

This story will help to create the world of the game and the objects that surround it.

This will help create more beautiful game screens.

Sounds can create strong feelings.

By changing or entering a new sound you can create the feelings of anxiety, fear, joy or surprise to the player.

Modern games nowadays use realistic sounds to make players feel they are in the game. Also, with or without sounds, you can create characters that appear suddenly on the screen.

Fear and anxiety about their display will be highly appreciated by the players.

What could be behind a door? The anxiety of the wait can often be worse than the fear of the reveal!!

A game would be too easy if the player had the ability to stop and calm down and think.

But if time is important, the game would probably be more exciting.

Use different colors to create a different atmosphere in the game.

Light blue, yellow and green color can create a warm environment.

On the contrary, the color of the ice and white create coldness.

Dark colors create a more "dangerous" environment.

Most games played with consoles have three-dimensional photorealistic

environments of extraordinary quality.

Nevertheless, after the appearance of Minecraft, games with simple graphics - cartoons - are still very popular today.