In Python Course

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Introduction to Python Programming language.

Get Help from Cartoons and Robots!

Python for Kids

This is about a series of cartoon style funny video clips, accompanied by questionnaires, presentations, crosswords, hangman games, millionaire games, in-browser python windows, and exercises with solutions.

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The “InPython Course” contains several resources regarding the Python Programming language. It can be said that this is an interactive modern book that gets better every day. This is because CoyoteLearner Educational team constantly refreshes and improves it. It can be used by a student himself or herself, by a teacher inside a class, or by a parent, to assist the learning process of his or her child.


Learning Subject: Computer programming (coding), robotics

Ages addressed: 12+

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Teacher’s Guide availability: Yes

It includes Robotics theory and exercises for Edison Robot.

School Edition: Yes

Coyotelearner’s Python Resources  are especially enjoyable, permeated with humor and a lot of music. The star of the videos is Stevie. He is a cartoon character with a special personality. With his student’s assistance, Stevie will guide you through the magical world of computer programming by trying to tame PYTHON, which is a snake that is actually a homogeneous programming language.





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