Programming My Robot! Teacher Edition

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Edison Robot Resources


Jason is a robot specialist. He is also a cartoon character with interesting personality. Through a series of 21 lessons (39 modules) with funny video clips, activities and quizzes, students are guided to control Edison robot.

Designed for kids aged 7+ years old.

In 21 sections you will watch high quality videos where I, Jason, will guide you, as simply as possible, through various lesson activities that will help you achieve important educational goals.

Firstly, you will get to know Edison through a short series of playful activities using simple barcode programming: Clap controlled driving, follow the light, stay in borders, sumo wrestle and many more!

Then you will make your own programs for Edison to do more: drive through a maze, avoid the light, play music, dance, even becoming a train and so many more. Programming Edison is very easy through EdBlocks: Just drag and drop the blocks you want to build a program.

Since you have learned to program Edison, it’s time to build bigger robots: A crane, a digger, a roboclaw, a tank and a printer are waiting for you to build using building bricks (EdCreate).

You will also program these robots to take part in “real-world” scenarios on specially designed printable tracks: fire extinguishing, manipulating radioactive materials, printing drawings, remote controlled constructing and ship loading.

Finally 5 more challenges are waiting for you: a mousetrap, a combination safe, a cotton-ball launcher, a burglar alarm and a robo-monster. You will design, build and program your own robots, using Edison and EdCreate bricks!


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